>>> The History of Northern Mindanao Colleges, Inc.
The History Of Northern Mindanao Colleges, Inc.
It was immediately after the Second World War that a handful of enterprising and public-spirited Cabadbaranons founded the school on March 15, 1946, that was to be known as Northern Mindanao Institute (NORMI). They were Dr. Mariano Atega, Mr. Valentine Cabonce, Atty. Primo Cabrera, Engr. Alfonso Alaan, and Mrs. Daylinda Pastrana.

Armed with government permit secured by Atty. Primo Cabrera through the financial aid of the local government of Cabadbaran, these school officials immediately buckled down to work. Veteran teachers from the Agusan High School in Butuan like Mr. Jesus Barroquillo, and Mr. Simeon Bacol were tapped to teach. With two hundred fifty students from the first year to fourth year levels, they were housed on the residential building owned by the late Antonio and Segunda Dagani. But after three years of existence, the Bureau of Private School served a notice to NORMI to have its own school building and ground. The challenge was met headlong with Don Adolfo Mortola, Mrs. Basilisa A. Kittilstvedt, and Mrs. Telesfora Ong Oh chipping in five thousand pesos each for the construction of the new building and Atega Park, which served as the playground.

Classes became bigger in enrolment until such time when college courses were being offered to meet the demands of students. A new board of director had to be organized with Engr. Fidel C. Dagani Sr. as President and Director at the instance of Mrs. Basilisa A. Kittilstvedt who was the school Directress.
It was very unfortunate that Engr. Dagani succumbed to an ailment leaving behind some changes designed to improve collections and instruction. New hands took over the chairmanship of the board and Fidel V. Dagani Jr. assuming the Directorship.
In 1972, with the resignation of Architect Fidel V. Dagani Jr. as Director, Mr. Ceferino L. Baltazar Sr. a tried and tested educator took over the helm of the school during the school year 1972-73. However, after only five months of service as director of the school, a greater call from the public service forced him to resign in which another veteran educator, Dr. Eladio Pro Anino was elevated to the directorship. Under Dr. Eladio Pro Anino’s watch, teachers’ salaries were raised and moves were started to update standards of instruction and initiated a vigorous faculty development program.

Unfortunately, however, on March 17, 1974, a conflagration struck the town and the school building was one of those razed to the ground. However, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. A three-story complex of forty-eight rooms was constructed at the fast pace through the joint effort an initiative of the energetic and hardworking Atega sisters, Mrs. Basilisa Atega Kittilstedvt and the late Mrs. Prosperidad Atega Rodriguez, two of the riches, dynamic, philanthropic heirs of the vast Atega Estate.
The once and proud NORMI, just one and a half year ago was razed mercilessly again on that big fire of December 14, 2001, in which the whole complex was burned. It was before the fire that the old SEC registrations had not been renewed. After the death of Dr. Eladio Pro Anino, NORMI held its election for the new set of Board of Directors with Engr. Manuel A. Rodriguez elected as chairman and President. After a year, on September 14, 2002, a new election for the BOD was held and Mr. George C. Cabrera was elected as chairman and President. Meanwhile, the new BOD sensing that is easier to apply a new SEC registration than renewing it as very cumbersome. The SEC registration was approved on January 6, 2003, under the name New Northern Mindanao Colleges.

The BOD OF New NORMI has authorized Mr. George C. Cabrera to continue to act as President or Chief Executive Officer for the reason of uniformity and to continue the smooth operation of the corporation until such time that the old NORMI is merged to the New NORMI. In 2008, a new election for BOD was held, and Atty. Ricardo Gonzalez was elected as President of the school until present.
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